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Celebrate Eco-Friendly Green Diwali like a P.A.L

The festival of lights is here, and we’re all in the mood for celebrations! Unfortunately, as you already know, these crackers are also going to bring a lot of pollution to the environment. Air pollution often more than doubles in every city during Diwali!  Spread joy, prosperity and clean air on this festive occasion. Make your Diwali a Pure Air Lover’s Diwali and keep your pollution footprint to the minimum by:  

1.    Use crackers sparingly.
If we are not sensitive to the environment in our celebrations, we could cause pollution levels to rise drastically on Diwali which could have negative impact on our health and environment. Diwali is known to be a time when air and noise pollution takes on alarming proportions.  

2.    Decorative LED lights or eco-friendly traditional diyas are just as soothing and beautiful.
The festival of lights puts a considerably heavy load on electrical energy sources that are already overloaded. The use of electric lights to adorn homes, business establishments, monuments and roads requires a huge amount of electricity. The older tradition of burning oil lamps is a possible alternative to electric lights - even though it does use oil, the duration of the lamps is shorter. Traditional lamps and eco friendly lighting like LED lights can reduce the impact by a large extent.  

3.    Jute/cloth shopping bags is a great way to carry your Diwali shopping.
Consumption of packaging material and plastic bags increases to a very large extent during festivals. Solid waste created by human beings which is non biodegradable (does not easily decompose) has to be filled into holes dug up in the ground. These 'landfills' as they are called may exist for centuries without completely getting integrated into the soil. The plastic toys that you are throwing away today, may exist in a landfill several generations after yours! Opt for eco friendly and bio-degradable packaging materials.

4.    Why waste when you can spare and share? This Diwali, use your resources more judiciously and share them with the less fortunate.
An indirect but equally significant impact of Diwali on nature is due to the increased consumption. Since Diwali is also a celebration of abundance and wealth - many people believe that it is a good time to buy. Often, people go out and buy new items even when they don't need them and they get discarded very soon. Waste during festivals is a huge menace.    

5.    This Diwali, Eco friendly gifts are, well, the friendliest gesture you can make.
Diwali is also a festival of gifting. Gifts that are thoughtful are a gesture of best wishes. Using handmade, eco-friendly gift articles not just lessen the impact on the environment but also provide a sustainable living to lots of people.

This year, p.a.l.s. is bringing you the chance to gift a tree to a loved one. All you need to do is get them to register themselves as a p.a.l. Remember, for every p.a.l. that registers, Suzlon will plant one tree. So gift a tree this Diwali. That’s how p.a.l.s. celebrate.  

Wishing you all a Happy and Pure Air Deepwali.

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Suzlon Will Plant A Tree For You

PALS : Pure Air Lover Society.... a initiative by Suzlon.

Register yourself ..then SUZLON will plant a tree in name of you.

Remember every PAL that you bring on-board will result in one more tree being planted which results in 40kgs of CO2 reduced from the air every year.

So kindly login on and register your self....and make a participation in reducing pollution.

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